Real Words from Real People 

“I have worked with Realtors in several states for the past 25 years on purchasing and selling  of many homes. Bobbi stands out as someone always willing to “go the extra mile” for me.  She knows her job, the market and how to work with people. Bobbi is a shining example of  what a professional Realtor should be with her outstanding advice, patience, energy and  dedication. Thank for a great job (again).” ­John Levitt, Investor

“Bobbi made it simple, a professional agent with a pleasnt personality and attitude!” ­Dino Wayman, Buyer, inquired on a listed house

The best part of our home purchasing experience was “Having Bobbi on top of everything…  She was outstanding!” ­Linda Burdick, Buyer, inquired on a listed house

The best part of our home purchasing experience was “Bobbi’s great and friendly personality!  She went out of her way for us! I will recommend Bobbi to anyone buying or selling a home!” ­Jeffrey & Denise Burns, Buyer & Seller, referred by another agent

“Thank you so much for all of the time that you put in to help me achieve my dream. I truly  appreciate all that you have done for me.” ­Angelina Shinas, Buyer, referred by a family member

“For my first experience ever in selling a home, it went pretty smooth due to the experience of  my Realtor, great job!” ­Bonnie Wertanen, Seller, referred by a colleague

“When we ran into a problem identified in the home inspection, Bobbi actively assisted us to  resolve the problem in the most effective way. She was clear and efficient in every step of the  process.” ­Sarah Beth Orchinik, Seller, searched the internet for an Agent

The best part of our home selling experience was “the fact that Bobbi always had an answer to my  many questions. She reassured me many times. Bobbi took care of everything!”  ­
William & Alyce Naples, Buyer & Seller, inquired on a listed house.

“Bobbi was nice and helped us find a place that fit what we were looking for. I will refer friends  and family to her!” Christopher Thiebeault, Buyer, referred by one of his customers

The best part of our home purchasing experience was “her attitude and willing to deal with the  problems we encountered. She was great!” ­Michael Spicer Jr., Buyer & Seller, inquired from an internet search

“Bobbi kept me informed on what was going on with the selling, the ins and outs, things I  needed to do as the Seller… she was always at my side… she would stay in touch. I thank her  for that… I will be telling my friends and family, even people from my church, that she would  do a great job for them.” ­Kevin Shockley, Seller, referred by a friend

The best part of our home purchasing experience was “Moving in, closing day and working  with Bobbi. Bobbi was very patient with us through the entire process, even though we were  very nervous and sometimes excited and upset.” ­James & Patricia Rolling, met at an event

“I didn’t have to worry about all the little details of the process. Bobbi did a great job!” ­J. Derrick Yoder, Buyer, referred by a family friend

“Our Realtor, Bobbi, was very helpful and knowledgeable on all aspects of buying a home.  She utilized our preferences to assist us to find a home…. Every question we had she was  able to answer on the spot or find the answer with little delay. We feel Bobbi is a wonderful  person to work with and she helped us every step of the way.” ­Laura & Jonathan Gafford, Buyers, met at an event

“I don’t think it’s possible to have a better experience. She is fabulous!” ­Sean Sipe, Buyer, referred by friends

The best part of our  experience was “How  quickly our house sold and our offer was accepted on our new home.  Bobbi was wonderful she kept us well informed and made the process as smooth and easy as possible.”  Keith & Talley Darling, Buyer & Seller, Internet & Open Door

“I don’t think she could do more. She was great! She went totally out of her way, always willing to help!” Howard & Linda Hale, Buyer, Internet

“My husband and I thank you for all of your assistance in selling my husband’s mother’s home. You not only gave us good advice but you assisted in every aspect of selling the home. Since we live out of state, it was difficult at times to get certain repair work executed. You were always there to ensure that work was completed. We thank you so much and recommend you to anyone selling their home in Dover. You are a great Real Estate Broker to do business with. Thanks again for the quick turnaround!” Janet & Rich Dale, Seller

The best part of our experience was “Bobbi! Her professionalism, confidence, calmness, and great personality made the experience a pleasure. Bobbi has the ability to make decisive and efficient decisions to assist her clients. It was wonderful to be able to trust her ability completely.” Tracy O’Neal, Seller, referred by another agent

The best part of our experience was “The sale of our home took only one month and we got our asking price! Settlement went smoothly and without any problems. What more could we ask for?” Rob & Armae Baylis, Seller,  Internet

A Letter of Thanks To Howard Price -Ralph & Teri Ball

Dear Howard, When we came to you about our hopes and dreams for what we were looking for in our beach home, the list was very lengthy to say the least. But you convinced us that we could get what we wanted here at the Delaware beaches. So we placed our future in your hands. We were willing to wait until that perfect place came along whether it would be 6 months, a year, or even two years before we found that imaginary residence to become a reality. You came by the house with some listings you found. We turned some down without even going to see them. We had a vision and it had to live up to that or else it wasn’t going to work. Settling was not an option. We went on our own to look at a few of them because we were skeptical of them. We wanted to see the area, location, etc. If it was worth looking into it more, we would schedule a showing with you. But nothing jumped out at us. Our wish list was LONG!! We gave some feedback on the areas. You did more research (a lot of research) and you came back to us with a binder of 9 or 10 homes. You set up showings over July 4th weekend. Yep, July 4th weekend. So all day on Saturday, July 2nd, we went from house to house saying yay or nay to this or that about each house. Then we stopped at Sandy Cove in Bethany Beach. It was perfect!! The place that we were dreaming about and what we wanted was right there under our nose. Maintenance free living, beautiful sunsets, private beach, fishing pier, gazebo, community pool, & marina were really all in one place! You found it through perseverance and your knowledge of the area. We passed that road frequently in the summer & never knew that existed. You found us our gem ☺ We want to thank you for your hard work and efforts you have put forth in finding us our dream home by the Bay!! We can never say THANK YOU enough….. Sincerely, Ralph & Teri Ball


 Highly Recommend Howard Price – 2018

This time, last year, my husband had a seemingly impetuous idea regarding both of us retiring from or jobs, moving out of tax-heavy Connecticut to settle in a State named Delaware. He was clearly not in his right state of mind. I entertained his whim. We came to Delaware and met Howard Price.
I cannot say enough about Howard’s professionalism, patience and his respect for the wishes of his clients. He spent several weekends showing us different communities and homes. When we (much to my astonishment) found the home that was right for us, Howard’s knowledge, his efficiency and his meticulous attention to detail made the settlement “a walk in the park”.
I recommend Howard Price wholeheartedly.
He is also extremely personable, and an absolute delight to work with.
Epilogue— my husband and I took the leap. We retired rather precipitously. Left the state we’d lived in for almost 40 years, and moved to Delaware. We are thoroughly enjoying every minute of this new life!!!!!!
Thank you kindly Howard!!!!

Roberta Meltzer
1st degree connectietired at CHH